GET TO KNOW: Kat Moses

It has been six years since Kat Moses launched her boutique talent agency MGMT, but the 31-year-old is already considered somewhat of a veteran in the industry. With talent like Pip Edwards and Lana Wilkinson just two of the high-profile talent she has on her books, the engaging entrepreneur has only just scratched the surface of her career journey.

Kick-starting her career as a Sales Coordinator at SBS, Moses learned early on the importance of building and fostering client relationships, skills she still puts into practice whilst juggling her two businesses — but more on that later. Moses stumbled upon talent management by coincidence; a friend recommended it to her while she was between positions. “I’d never even heard of influencers before,” she admits. “At the time they were called bloggers and no-one was actually making money from Instagram — brands were really only paying for sponsored blog content.” Forming a thorough understanding of the industry, she worked as a Talent Agent at Chic Digital Creative before noticing a gap in the market for an agency that served personal brand strategy to digital talent. Her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, something she says is a Moses family trait. “We were encouraged to always do our own thing and to take pride in building a life for ourselves,” she laughs. “I come from a family of hard workers; both of my grandparents emigrated to Australia and had to build their own lives here, so the idea of ‘hard work’ and being proud to work has been passed down through the generations.”

A lot has changed over the past six years; MGMT as a business has gone from representing five talent to 35, and now have an internal team of five. Going well beyond the original offering of talent management, the agency now offers services such as personal brand strategy and public relations for their talent, as well as content production for external clients. “We’ve naturally expanded our services due to the ever-changing nature of the industry,” explains Moses. “Talent are seeking more of a personal approach from their management team and more high-level strategy to really build out their careers and longevity in the industry. We now live in a world where everything is so fast paced, so it's more important than ever to plan ahead while also keeping your finger on the pulse.”

Moses’ talent roster is broad; from TikTok sensation Brandon Scott to skilled beauty content creator Rowi Singh, plus renowned faces like Edwards and Wilkinson, Moses says what also sets MGMT apart is the diversity of its talent. “It was one of the gaps I noticed in the industry [before launching MGMT] — there weren’t any agencies celebrating diverse talent at the time,” she says. “It’s also something I consider when I’m looking for potential signings for the agency. I always ask myself — are they original? Do they have an engaged community? Are they diverse?” 

It’s her caring, warm nature and no-BS attitude that has propelled Moses forward, and it has paid dividends for the business; not only has she formed strong relationships with her clients, they value her complete transparency and honesty when it comes down to business. “It’s so important that both parties be transparent with one another from the start; everything from campaign deliverables to fees, and of course ensuring that the talent genuinely like using the product,” says Moses.

Whilst the last few years have been a period of significant growth and learning, Moses isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In 2021, she co-created accessories brand CEE CLEAR, which after garnering huge attention locally now has extensive expansion plans in the works, and earlier this year she invested in a visual re-brand for MGMT, in addition to establishing a new communications strategy. “In 2022 I want to ensure that MGMT is hitting its growth marks, and I also want to create space to focus more attention on CEE CLEAR.” Watch this space.