A multifaceted creative power house designed for cultural influence.

Kat Moses
Founder & Managing Director

Founded in 2015 by Kat Moses, MGMT is a boutique talent agency representing top tier Digital Influencers and Content Creators in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Based across the world, our Influencers reach a variety of digital and social platforms. These platforms are a testament to their credibility & creativity in the way they engage with their Global audiences.

MGMT talent are individually selected on their unique offering, diversity and creative ability to capture the imagination of their audiences & brands they align with.

At MGMT, we value the importance of partnering closely with our talent & our clients to facilitate creative projects, strong partnerships & exciting collaborations.

We endeavour to build the relationship between our Influencers and their audiences by elevating their personal brand through powerful digital content.


Why use an


Social media is no longer an alternative to traditional media – it has taken over as the most popular form of media.

At one time consumers made their purchasing decisions based on advertisements they saw on TV or heard on the radio. Today, it’s much easier for consumers to learn about, trust and ultimately purchase from a brand by following them or an influencer talking to them on social media.

It's powerful

There’s not a better form of advertising than a strong word-of-mouth endorsement.

It's trackable

Unlike the old days of putting an expensive Ad in a newspaper or magazine and guessing how many people saw it, influencer marketing is easily trackable thanks to reporting like Facebook insights, Youtube analytics and Google analytics.