Talent Management

How we help

Our stable of creators can identify what makes your brand unique, what type of content your target audience likes to consume, and develop a content strategy with you.

Creators genuinely want to talk about products and services they use or identify with, and along with that comes an opportunity to get your brand noticed in new communities. With that in mind, the most important asset a creator has is an audience; they are their number-one priority. They have a relationship with them, and they value the trust that their audience places in their hand, which is why a creator's endorsement comes across as a tried-and-tested product review as opposed to a paid post. This is also why creators work to ensure a brand’s key messaging is delivered in a way that is easy for their audience to digest.

Our goal at MGMT is for our expert influencers to create socially shareable content that will make the rounds on users’ social media feeds, with audiences doing a lot of the legwork to share organically (brands, read: excellent bang for your budget’s bucks). We produce curated content which organically weaves in brands to sustain their authenticity and build brand loyalty.

Our influencers can show your brand how they’ve got their finger on the pulse of culture in a meaningful way by creating aesthetically and verbally pleasing content for clients.


User Generated Content

How we help

We understand the time and level of detail that goes into content creation and ensuring that your brand has a strong digital presence. Ongoing content creation is time consuming and MGMT wants to take that workload off you.

MGMT offers an interactive, collaborative and boutique experience for your brand centred solely around content creation to help you visually share you brand's message. We work personally with you to create authentic brand visuals and sincere relationships with your customers via your brands digital channels.


Personal Brand Building

How we help

With over 10 years' experience in talent management, Kat Moses is known as an authority in the influencer space for her extensive experience in working with a diverse range of personalities, helping to grow their audience and supporting them on their journey to have a fully-fledged career in the digital media landscape.

Inundated with requests for advice, tips, and strategies, Kat is now offering one-on-one sessions to anyone looking to confidently build their own personal brand across digital platforms. Whether you’re an influencer looking to grow a social following, you already have a following and are looking to monetise your content, or you’re looking for guidance on how to carve out your niche, Kat will give you the tools to empower you to determine what your unique influence is.


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